Cloud Services

The Cloud

The Cloud is becoming increasingly important to IT management and infrastructure for any business. With Silver Industries.

We offer a range of different office products which have all been tested by our team of professionals. You can therefore be certain that you are receiving the best software of the range.

One of our popular solutions is Microsoft 365. This is the most up to date version and it is also online meaning you can access its services from any device with an internet connection. For more information on this product and how it can benefit your business, please read below.

What is Office 365?

It allows you access the Microsoft Office tools you know and rely on virtually anywhere, plus business-class IT services that are easy to administer.

Businesses often continue to use software that’s out of date to get value for money. And no wonder, considering that software purchases have traditionally looked like this:

Purchase a box containing a software CD and licence, install on your computer(s). That was it. Upgrades and patches were part of the software package, but after a certain point, you had to replace it with a newer version – another software purchase of the next version.

The problem with this process is that businesses tend to cling to software versions that become outdated and eventually begin to affect productivity and security.

With the release of Office 365, Microsoft has changed the whole process. Office 365 is part of a growing movement known as Software as a Service (SaaS), which essentially moves software from a hard commodity to a subscription model – enabling businesses to spread the cost, enjoy automatic updates, gain immediate access to software patches, ensure software compatibility for all users, allow easier collaboration, and global accessibility.

Complete Defence Against Today's Email Threats

Protect your business from email threats including phishing, malware, spam and other forms of dangerous content with our email filtering service, a dedicated cloud based email security solution for SMEs.

Advance your protection against today’s threats by enhancing your email security with our spam and phishing detection, multilayer anti-virus, a robust filter rules engine, email continuity with emergency inbox, policy-enforced encryption, an email archive based in the cloud and managed in a simple and intuitive user interface.We utilise several techniques in order to address today’s advanced email security requirements including:

Smart Cloud Management

One click connection

This adds up to seamless super fast management of all the computers and devices across your business network. IT management time is slashed, so cost reduction can be passed on.

Agile file transfer

File management across the network and devices is made easy. Device shutdown and restarts can be initiated quickly. You’re covered with remote monitoring and comprehensive system controls both on desktop admin and mobile app.

Backup offsite/onsite

Protect customer data against theft/loss with regular scheduled or unscheduled backups. Data can be stored using three tier encryption at a top line data centre or alternatively via an onsite storage solution.