IT Installations

IT projects

Experienced in IT installation project management for small to medium businesses. We have the knowledge, skills and supply chain to handle multisite locations.

We audit your current IT setup. We discuss the objectives, and highlight technology improvements. Planning includes a schedule of works, key dates, procurement requirements, human resources and a full cost breakdown.

The challenge of technology is getting the most from it. We independently source and fit together the best hardware and software for your business, whilst considering automation, ease of use, time saving benefits, lifetime cost and support requirements.

To ensure the smooth running of IT systems we provide service contracts that cover any faults that may occur, ongoing maintenance, and software upgrades. We supply both offsite and onsite support if required.


Upgrading to Cloud Based Services

Office 365

The Office programs continue to accelerate ahead of the competition. The online based Office 365 seamlessly updates itself.
Staff can work anywhere / anytime on desktop, tablet and mobile. Add/remove services or users as and when your business needs. All for a small monthly fee.

Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange offers a business class email, calendar and contacts solution in the cloud. Software updates are handled automatically. No initial capital investment is required, there are fully scalable ‘per user’ price plans.

Server Projects

Whatever your requirements, we have a server solution for you. Whether it be an on premise or a cloud/hosted server, we will provide a practical and cost effective server solution for your business.

Reduced IT costs

Businesses that use cloud hosting avoid the high upfront costs of new hardware & subsequent costs of refreshing hardware.  Instead, clients get a predictable monthly/annual cost based on the resources they’ve used.  Cloud customers aren’t responsible for the cost of the data centre, power, cooling, connectivity and maintenance associated with on-premise IT.

Improved performance

Cloud hosting customers don’t have to worry about hardware renewals because they always have the latest hardware, which gives them high levels of performance. In addition, dynamic server-load balancing distributes workloads across physical machines to give customers the best performance from their cloud servers.  Cloud hosting customers can easily alter the capacity of their servers to meet the changing needs of their businesses

Improved business continuity

Cloud hosting can reduce the amount of downtime customers experience.  It ensures their systems are always up and running.  If hardware fails, they don’t have to wait for repairs because they automatically switch from failed components to working components in that cloud and their servers operate without losing data or server availability.

Reduced carbon footprint

Instead of supporting a room of underutilised servers, cloud hosting customers get the capacity they need on cloud servers thus consuming less energy giving a lower carbon footprint. Cloud hosts can offer this thanks to virtualisation technology, which allows them to use more of their servers’ capacity.

Disaster Recovery Systems

Don’t risk IT

Hope for the best plan for the worst. Company and customer data is critical to modern day business operations, so don’t take the risk. Businesses that have a large data loss may never recover.

Hybrid file backup

Hybrid file solutions combine fully automated online and localised backup, to provide total coverage if online fails or local fails. Data is encrypted and transferred to data centres securely. Restoration is minutes not hours.

Telephony continuity

In the event of a disturbance to your business, all inward bound voice and data calls can be redirected within one hour of invocation to an alternate location, in the majority of cases this is done straight away.